Batch Creating Content in Canva

*note: I have an affiliate link in this post. While it provides me with a small commission when you sign up, it costs you not a single cent more.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’d know that as a creative Canva designer, I write and post blogs.

THEN there’s the creating of visual content that goes with it to promote that same blog.

If it wasn’t for the ability to batch create, I’d have probably been stark raving bonkers already.

Every day sees me creating some sort of creative visuals, mostly for clients for their social media platforms, but Sundays are my days for my own creative content.

Guess what?

Today is Sunday the 10th of January 2021 and I’ve literally just written this blog, done a tutorial video and created X10 pins for Pinterest.

Oh … and of course the cover image for this blog.

I’d say there’s probably between 500 – 800 images that are done on a monthly basis for my own social media.

Some of the tips I offer here are definitely part of my daily routine.

Like I said – stark raving bonkers – if it wasn’t for batch creation!

There’s no one to help me, I’m it. So, you can understand why batching is such a powerful thing to do FOR ME.

Thank heavens for Canva!

I’ve tried Tailwind’s creative studio, but it glitches with me. I don’t know whether you’ve found the same. Let me know if it works for you, please. Perhaps you’ve managed to de-glitch it! I’d love to know.

The first thing I do before I even set out to batch create, is to make sure that I have headings & sub-headings for my pins that I can use.

How many do you do at a time?

I do about 10, sometimes I’ll drop down to 7, depending on how industrious I feel, but mostly it’s 10 pins.

Now that the blog’s been written & the content’s been created, it’s time to post to my website and upload the pins to Tailwind from where I will then schedule it.

Here’s the video for you to watch just how easy it really is!

Batch Creating Content in Canva couldn’t be easier!


Oh, and before I leave you, please connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m MOST active there and post a lot of stuff which you may (or may not) find useful.

I’m also super excited for the boot camp that I currently am promoting.

I’m hosting this boot camp for people who are wanting to get more creative on Canva but who feel that their confidence levels to get themselves audaciously and courageously visible is a bit lacking.

So, join us in a private Facebook group, after you’ve signed up here to get you going with some jaw-dropping visuals for you and well as your client’s social media platforms.

Don’t stress, if this is not for you and you just want me to help YOU get visible without you having to do all the hard work, drop me a message and let’s get you VISIBLE!

All the best & stay safe

Stephanie xx

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