It all comes down to … Visibility

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As a creative designer, you’d be correct when you assume that for me everything is about visibility.

Without visibility, you really have no presence on social media, at all.

It would be very hypocritical of me to write a post, or a blog, or a comment about visibility if I am not visible on social media, especially with visual content. This is also the biggest reason why most of my posts are accompanied by an image that I have created.

One way of getting my work seen! But it also goes so much deeper than that.

Define Visibility

What is the definition of visibility? Visibility is the ability to be seen.

Why do you want to be visible on social media?

I know why I’m visible on social media – it’s about brand presence as well as establishing credibility as a creative person.

A lack of visibility is clearly not something that you would aim to achieve when you’re advertising your product or your services on social media.

I dare say, if  you’re on social media without advertising your products or service by way of creative imagery, you’ve got a hobby and not a business.

Visibility & social media

The long and the short of visibility on social media is that you need to make sure that your dream client stops, sits ups and takes notice of your content.

This is easily achieved with a design – that you’ve either done yourself or had done for you – that not only draws the eye but also draws the person INTO your copy and encourages him/her to read and take note of you.

When I scroll through social media, I very seldom stop at a post that consists mainly of words. The reason for that is I’m a visual person.

Pictures draw my eye. I am 100% convinced that I am not the only person in the world whose eye is drawn by images.

And the more relevant the image is to me as a person, the more likely I am to stop, read the post and engage with the author of the post.

What is a post-relevant image?

A post-relevant image is an image or a picture that adds value to the copy that you have written that accompanies that image.

Let’s take the heading picture of THIS blog.

This is all about visibility, so I picked a pin-up girl holding a pair of binoculars.

Why? Because she’s trying to view something better and what better way than to use something that will bring it right up close to her. VISIBLE!

How do you become more visible?

We’re all unique in our offerings to our dream clients. There are many more designers like me out there.

My audience consists mainly of women, therefore my designs are aimed at women.

This does not mean that I don’t have a male following, I simply choose to niche to virtual assistants – who are historically female – and mindset coaches – my audience mainly consist of female mindset coaches.

When you know who you want to show up for your drive to visibility becomes so much clearer!

I’m also more visible on the platforms where they are most active.

After all, it is about visibility and what better way than being visible with visual content!

As always, the offer is there for us to discuss and see how I can help you become consistently visible.

Now that we know who we’re visible for and we’re visible on the platforms where they hang out, now we’re positioning ourselves for success.

What separates your visibility from that of your competitors?

“Power positioning is presenting yourself to the right person, at the right time and place, in the right way, with the right message.” Read this article and tell me this does not resonate with you!

Go on, I dare you!

Perhaps the one line, other than the one I quoted above, that stands out is this:

“What separates the real pros from the amateurs is their ability to make whatever they are providing of vital importance to every prospect.”

Just do it

It means – doing it in a straightforward manner.

If you want to write a blog – just do it

If you want to write a book – just do it

If you want to learn a new skill – just do it

If you want to be visible – just do it

A random bit of knowledge – did you know that Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” was inspired by the final words of a notorious killer (Gary Gilmore) in 1970’s Utah.

Why would you even want to guess what it is they want to see or hear from you? It’s like playing a game of dice where you know the dice are loaded in your competition’s favour because they have asked the question.

So, now … how visible are you?

Do you think you could be more visible?


I’m going to be so bold as to tell to you to STOP what your doing and get yourself MORE visible.

The best place to start is with Canva! If you’re new to design and want to start using Canva as your platform for design, you can sign up here and use the Pro features for 30 days absolutely free of charge.

Here are the differences between pro & free #justsaying

If you want to go ahead and try your hand at design and need some guidance, you can download my free guide to the perfect social media design here.

If you need a little more help, I can assist you using Zoom – which we’ll record so you can keep referring back to our session. This link here will get us connected for an hour to walk you through your challenges.

If there is anything else, I can help with, you can always just send me an email, or even connect with me on LinkedIn (as that’s where I’m most active) and engage with me there.

It all really DOES come down to visibility!

Stephanie xx

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