Using Canva for Textured Text

Using Canva for Textured Text

So, you’re showing up on social networking sites all over the show and you’re feeling a bit flat about it.

Dull if you wish.

It’s a surprise your following hasn’t unfollowed you yet, but before they do that, let’s spruce up your visual content with some texture for your next design.

Because, let’s face it, boring is NOT what we want to be.

Boring visuals don’t attract attention and as online businesses we want to make sure that we kick ass in the design department.

Canva has given us every opportunity to be butt-kicking-online-business-owners.

We have TONS of features at our fingertips within Canva to keep exploring and making our visuals stand out. Be eye-catching!

That’s why I decided that today we look at textured text or text fill effects.

Let’s get the vanilla out the way quick …

Texture is surface characteristics and can be described as smooth or rough, soft or hard, coarse or fine, matt or glossy, gritty, lumpy, bumpy … the list goes on.

All surfaces have texture and there’s no reason why text shouldn’t have texture either. The way we use it determines the way our designs will “feel”.

Smooth, shiny textures reflect light and therefor gives a cool impression. Soft & raised textures absorb light, giving them a sense of warmth.

If you think that a flat design can’t make you a “feel” the surface, even if just in your mind’s eye, think again!

Since we show up on social to be both social as well as to do business (in other words to sell) and we know that buying is emotional, we want our people to FEEL something when they look at our visuals.


Canva has preloaded textures. A LOT of textures. Some are boring (to me) and others I’m not sure HOW they ended up being classified as texture.

But there are also some really nifty textures in there.

In the photo section search for textures and you’d be amazed at that which shows up.

Refine your search for, let’s say soft, and you’ll get options of soft light, soft colours, soft animals, soft surfaces, and so on and so forth.

Here’s a short video tutorial I made using Canva Pro showing you some texture / text filled effects.

In my blog on stock photos, I’ve given you 21 free stock photo sites where you can search for texture pics as well. These may, or may not, have textured photos that you would find useful. It’s worth a search though.


You’re the designer and you know best what it is your audience & clients want to see. You can experiment with absolutely every single texture until you get something (for that post) that is 100% perfect.

Designing to me is like a toy-box full of possibilities and I love playing in this specific toy-box.

If you’re new to design and want to start using Canva as your platform for design, you can sign up here and use the Pro features (the same I use for my designs) for 30 days absolutely free of charge.

So, you want to go ahead and try your hand at design and need some guidance. Here’s a short eBook that you can download to guide you what needs to be (in my humble opinion) on a design to make the perfect social media visual content.

I also do Canva Design Coaching, so if you need more help, I’m offering you the opportunity to work with me one to one as well. Our session is recorded on Zoom giving you the freedom to refer back to it however often you want. This link here will get us connected for an hour to walk you through that pressing issue you have right now.

Otherwise, simply drop me a mail and I’ll get you going with all of your social media visual content you’d need with pre-purchased bundles of designs!!

Or just simply say hi and tell me that you enjoy the blog and what you might want to see from me next.

Stephanie xx

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