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Visual Marketing In 2021 & Beyond

Visual marketing in 2021 and beyond has changed from straight up plain text to SEO optimised images on your website. Here are guidelines to level up and earn new traffic through search result pages.

Using Canva for Textured Text

Boring visuals don’t attract attention and as online businesses we want to make sure that we kick ass in the design department. Canva offers us textures as well as the opportunity to fill text with textures, thereby making our designs anything but boring.

Text curve line on picture of spiral staircase

How to Curve Text in Canva

Canva has done it again!! We’ve got a new feature to use and it’s such a game changer!
Curved Text is HERE!

Keyboard shortcuts for Canva

Keyboard Shortcuts in Canva

Wherever you may be on your Canva design journey you’d agree with me that functional keyboard shortcuts make life easier, right?!