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hand on keyboard depicting keyboard shortcuts with text keyboard shortcuts in Canva

Keyboard Shortcuts in Canva

Keyboard shortcuts are not just for the likes of documents or spreadsheets. Canva uses many of the same keyboard shortcuts. Here are 26 of the most common keyboard shortcuts in Canva

slanted pencil crayons over watercolour cosmos flower pink band with text a guid colours for your brand

Colours For Your Brand – A Guide

The journey to building a strong and impactful brand identity begins with a deep understanding of your values and a conscious selection of colours that truly represent your message, speaking directly to your dream client. We live in a world awash with colour, and these hues often reflect the very values we hold dear.

Canva and Copyright

Not everything you find on the internet is free to use as is. Always check that you are not infringing someone else’s copyright. You really do not want the headaches attached to such a claim.

Stephanie Wium Canva Specialist Canva Coach

5 Tips to get you designing in Canva

5 Tips to get you designing in Canva
Is it hard to use Canva?
Is it hard to get started?
Yes, it can be. That is tip number 1 – Just Start!
You’ll have to read for the rest of them.

Text curve line on picture of spiral staircase

How to Curve Text in Canva

Canva has done it again!! We’ve got a new feature to use and it’s such a game changer!
Curved Text is HERE!