Is Using Canva Cheating?

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Let me ask you this…

As a small business owner who may (do) not have the capital to employ a graphic design agency, do you never show up visually on your favourite social networking platform?

Or do you use what is at hand – Canva – to create your own visuals?

You know what my answer is, don’t you?

Using Canva is not cheating!

Many professional designers dismiss Canva as a tool for amateurs.

To say that it’s not a professional tool is arrogant and short-sighted.

I’ve built my business on using Canva and would not be adding ecstatic clients to my database if I was seen as anything but professional. Go read my recommendations & reviews on LinkedIn and Facebook if you find it doubtful.

Canva is a web-based design tool that is brilliant for image creation.

Of course, Canva will never replace the graphic design industry, well not yet at least.

Canva designers and graphic designers can, and do, coexist.

Graphic designers lay the groundwork and then Canva creatives use the tool at hand to create on-brand designs that would cost a fortune being done by a graphic designer.

Okay, so maybe “fortune” is the wrong word but if you’ve ever worked with a graphic design agency, you would know that they are not inexpensive.

Graphic and Canva designers can have a mutually beneficial relationship with shared clients.

There are creatives out there who feel that I am destroying the livelihood which they paid dearly for to learn.

That’s simply not true.

I service a different clientele.

I am helping virtual assistants step up in confidence to design their client’s social networking visual content therefore adding an additional income stream to their current offerings.

When I started my journey of self-employment, I was a generalist virtual assistant who stumbled across Canva and fell in love. HARD.

I had to learn the hard way how to design well enough to actually make a business of it.

I don’t want that for other virtual assistants.

I don’t want them to struggle the way I did with limited support.

I don’t want them to struggle for hours and HOURS on end to make something half decent to offer to a client.

It’s frustrating and demoralising and very VERY lonely.

So, you see, virtual assistants are awfully close to my heart, I was there. I know the journey they are on.

This is why I offer a free 5-day boot camp helping virtual assistants build confidence in and with Canva to add this as an additional service offering to their clients.

This is why I developed a focused Canva video tutorial program to help them add an income stream while building their confidence in design.

1. 15 modules categorised for easy navigation
2. 80+ lessons of bite-sized video tutorials
3. No need to be a professional designer to master the skill
4. Possibility to earn while you learn

More videos are being recorded and added on all the time.

What you will get from me:

* Access to me in a private Facebook group with a 100% commitment to help when you’re stuck.

* It’s also a safe space for you to practice a design before putting it out on social media.

* I’ll help you identify where your challenges are, and we address them head-on!

We’ve just come out a free 5-day Build Confidence with Canva boot camp but signing up to my newsletter here, you’ll get first dibs on the next one.

I absolutely love what I do and will continue to do so for as long as I am able to.

Together we create an on-brand experience for you AND your clients.

You can sign up for the program here:

Otherwise, if you need design assistance, send me a mail and I’ll help you get visible on your favourite social networking platform!

Creative greetings

Stephanie xx

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